Burger Tips And Fox 40……

Hopefully you got to see DUDEFOOD live on FOX 40 making some delicious hand made burgers. If you did miss it, don’t worry, we will post the video as soon as it’s available. Until then, here are some of the tips we offered during the segment.

Everybody loves burgers and everybody loves burgers that are done with care and patience.  So DUDEFOOD chooses to grind and form our burgers by hand, using some of the finest beef we can find to make sure that you will have one of the tastiest, juiciest, and most memorable burgers.

If you are new to making your own burgers here are a few tips to remember so your burgers will always be the talk of the meal:

  • Find a combination of meats that work for your burger blend. Some popular cuts of beef for burgers are brisket, chuck, sirloin, short rib, and skirt steak. My mixture of choice is 60/40 chuck to sirloin.
  • When grinding your meat, make sure both the meat and grinder parts are cold so the meat does not get gummy going through grinder. Place the meat, mixing bowl and metal grinder piece in the freezer for 30 minutes before grinding.
  • Do not over work your meat when forming your patties. I like to use a ring mold and form patties and just loosely fill the inside of ring mold. Using a ring mold helps to make sure that all burgers are uniform in size, shape, and this helps to even out cooking time.
  • You do not have to add a million toppings to your burger. If you are making the effort to purchase good quality meat and grinding it yourself, don’t mask those delicious meat flavors by adding too many toppings. Be creative but use a little restraint when you can.
  • And last but not least – do not over cook your burger! There is nothing worse than a burger that you thought was going to be moist and delicious that turns out to be an over cooked hockey puck. Burgers should never be cooked more than medium rare. This assures you get all those great beef flavors.

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